Santiago, Atacama, Uyuni, La Paz, Titicaca lake, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Lima 20 days tour in Peru, Bolivia and Chile

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Description: Tour 20 days and 19 nights in Santiago, Valparaiso, San Pedro de Atacama, Uyuni, La Paz, Copacabana, Puno, Titicaca lake, Cusco, Machu picchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas and Lima

First day: City tour in Santiago

Santiago Chile

City tour in Santiago de Chile Welcome and transfer from the airport to the hotel in Santiago de Chile, then we'll make a small tour of downtown Santiago visit the Plaza de Armas and the buildings around it as the Cathedral of Santiago, Municipality of Santiago and Post Office after that We will go to the market of Santiago where you can enjoy its varied cuisine. After lunch we visit the Palace of Government and its cultural center, Cerro Santa Lucia, where Pedro de Valdivia founded Santiago in 1541. To the east of the city, will see modern buildings and the changes they have brought to the neighborhood, ending the tour at the craft store, where we'll see lapizlazuli pieces exist only in Chile and Afghanistan, then we'll tranfer you to your hotel.

Second day: Tour to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar

Valparaiso Chile

After breakfast at the hotel, we will leave at 20:30 hrs. in the morning to head to Viña del Mar. The garden city, we would be delighted with its special architecture, its streets, palaces and the Quinta Vergara where take place the International Festival of the song.We'll have the opportunity to see the original of a Moai statue brought from Easter Island. Visit the coastline and its beaches. Lunch at a renowned restaurant with a beautiful ocean view. (Not included) Then visit the city of Valparaiso on Chile's main port, whose origins date back to 1536, the city has been declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity and is the seat of the Legislature and Congress. This magical city, scenic elevators, colorful and unique and unforgettable scenery which you will enjoy along with our guide who will accompany you throughout your journey. Finally we will go with a panoramic view of the bay from the Hill May 21. We will return to your hotel in Santiago at about 17: 30 hours. Transfer to your hotel.

Third day: Flight from Santiago to Calama and tour to the Valley of the Moon

Moon Valley Chile

Flight from Santiago to Calama and Tour to the "Valley of the Moon" After a good breakfast we'll pick you up from your hotel and transfer to Santiago airport for your flight Santiago - Calama. Reception at Calama airport and private transfer to San Pedro de Atacama. Visit the town of San Pedro, church and the archaeological museum of Padre Le Paige.Then continue tour of the Valley of the Moon, located approximately 10 kms.San Pedro de Atacama, declared a nature sanctuary, is part of Flamingos National Reserve, located within the Cordillera de la Sal Place with beautiful shapes and colors where you can walk and see a geological spectacle with sculptural forms, like Visit to the salt statues "Las Tres Marias" Salt Caverns will climb up the big dune at sunset to admire in all its splendor this beautiful panorama. Return to the town of San Pedro de Atacama.

Fourth day: Tour to the Salar of Tacama

Highland Lakes Chile

Tour to the Salar of Atacama and Lagunas Altiplanicas. Breakfast at the hotel and departure to the Highland Lakes of Miñiques and Miscanti, located 138 kms from San Pedro de Atacama at an altitude of 4,300 mts. We'll go to Toconao, this goes straight on the plain overlooking the breathtaking volcano Licancabur, en route we will see species of trees indigenous to the area such as Tamarugo and Chañar in the 38 km to the village of Toconao, brief visitthe main square and church, stand on its houses built of volcanic stone (Liparita). A panoramic view of beautiful contrast that occurs between the green Jere Valley and the desert, we continue to brief visit to the village farmer Socaire.Then ascend the Andes to reach the ponds and Miñiques Miscanti of intense blue and white shores, located in the Flamingos National Reserve, surrounded by towering mountains and volcanoes created a unique landscape in this región.Box. Then we came back and visited the Salar de Atacama and we cross the lagoon where we witness Chaxa flamingos and other birds.Return to San Pedro at 18:00 Approx.

Fifth day: Tour to the geisers of Tatio

Geiseres Chile

Tour to The Geysers of Tatio. A horas 04:30 Saldremos hacia los Geysers del Tatio ubicado a una distancia de 97 Kms de San Pedro ya una altitud de 4.300 mts.Within hours 04:30 We leave to the Geysers of Tatio located at a distance of 97 Kms from San Pedro and at an altitude of 4,300 mts. Arriving at approximately 06:45hrs, the temperature is below zero. Breakfast and walk led by the geothermal field, observing the impressive columns of steam (Geysers), fumaroles, hundreds of pools of boiling water and high mountains is a spectacular view of the sunrise.Then we moved to the area of thermal pools aprox.with water at approx.40c º where passengers can take a refreshing bath. Then start the descent silences the City of Calama, en route visit Caspana Town, situated in a fertile valley in contrast to its desert environment, at an altitude of 3305 mts. Systems noted for its cultivated terraces of Inca origin and architecture of ancient ancestors. Visit the village of Chiu Chiu founded by the Spanish which mainly emphasizes its beautiful church was built shortly before 1675. It was the first village in the area of the Loa River. Visita al Pukara de Lasana, es un pueblo fortaleza del sigloAfter 10 miles along the river banks, among beautiful gardens bordered by high cliffs we will see many petroglyphs (drawings carved in stone) made the year 400 until the arrival of the Pukara Españoles.Visita Lasana a century fortress town. XII, highly conserved, highlighting its more than 100 buildings built in stone, situated on a cliff against the river and defensive walls to the west, was standing room chiefs and the administration as well as a place of shelter population.

Sixth day: trip to San Pedro

Laguna Verda Lake Bolivia

Trip to San Pedro de Atacama Hito Cajon & Tour to Uyuni. After having breakfast at the hotel will be transferred from San Pedro to Hito Cajon. This is the border between Chile and Bolivia and is around here that is entered Bolivia.The road climbs a steady slope, formed by lava and ash. En route we stop to admire the beautiful panoramic view across the Salar de Atacama and the Oasis of San Pedro de Atacama, north can see the majestic volcano of 5916 LICANCABUR M., altitude, at 8 km gravel road we will find the Border Control Hito Cajon.On the day we will know the Laguna Blanca, Laguna Verde, The Morning Sun Geyser and Laguna Colorada, a lake classified as "High Andean-Salina" presents borax islands in the northeast and southeast sectors, which presents the color is red because the thin shade sedimentosde that deposited on the surface and pigments of some types of algae that live more than 4.000metros. Overnight in Refugio in the vicinity of Laguna Colorada (4200 m). (If not feasible night in Uyuni) warm and rustic hostel Dinner included.

Seventh day: The desert of Lipez

Laguna Colorado Lake

The Desert of Lipez. Por la mañana retomaremos nuestra expedición y en esta jornada atravesaremos el Desierto de Siloli considerado también uno de los desiertos más áridos del mundo.In the morning we return our party and this time cross the Desert Siloli also considered one of the driest deserts in the world. The scenery of this mountain lodge bordering the nature reserve Andes - Parque Nacional Eduardo Avaroa (REA) that exhibits many curiosities, natural formations and exotic animal species protected. Of course the main places to visit nearby include Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde, where we see large colonies of Andean flamingos and a large variety of birds. Continuing the tour will visit the Sol de Mañana geysers and rock formations of Stone Tree. In the afternoon cross the Salar de Chiguana before reaching the Hotel located in the town of San Juan.

Eight day: Salar of Uyuni

Uyuni Bolivia

Salar of Uyuni Tour and travel by bus from Uyuni to La Paz. Breakfast in the hotel, this time we are going to visit the Salar of Uyuni.We met back of Fish Island and giant candelabra cactus where we will have the opportunity to ascend to the top of the island from where the view is really spectacular. Then we will see "the eyes of Salt" and the salt extraction sites; finally you Colchani which is a town that lives off the salt extraction and here we teach the process used in the production of salt. Then we will head towards the town of Uyuni. In the evening we embark on a night bus that will take us to the city of La Paz, the trip takes 12 hours.

Ninth day: City tour in La Paz

Ruins Bolivia

City Tour in La Paz In the morning our staff will be waiting at the bus terminal to drive you to the hotel and rested in the morning. Afternoon we'll visit the city of La Paz returning to his typical artisan market, the colonial church of San Francisco, the famous witch doctor market and the Plaza Murillo where are the Government Palace, Cathedral and National Congress, then Calle Jaen where interesting museums are located, followed by open-air museum of Tiwanaku culture.Will continue visiting the residential areas Obrajes Calocoto and Florida. Finishing with a visit to the Magic Valley of the Moon. In the evening, enjoy a show of Typical dances colorful costumes. Hotel night in La Paz.

Tenth Day: Tour in Tiahuanaco

Tiahuanaco Ruins Bolivia

Tiahuanaco Tour and travel by bus to Copacabana.Breakfast at the hotel and then take the bus to Tiahuanaco. This is one of the most important archaeological sites in America and is located 45 minutes from La Paz, near Lake Titicaca.The visit will appreciate the monoliths, the famous Puerta del Sol and the true monolith Bennett, recently returned from the city of La Paz, after nearly 70 years and now in the new archaeological museum. Reaching a walk Tiahuanaco then visit Akapana pyramid, temple of Kalasasayala, Puerta del Sol, monoliths Fraile and Ponce, the semi-subterranean temple with their heads clavas.En its museum we appreciate their excellent work with the famous ceramic Keros (ceremonial glasses), the huaco-portraits (three-dimensional portrait of a human face in a pot) as well as textiles and especially in architectural constructions, many of which have astronomical orientation. For ta afternoon we will take the bus to Copacabana and spend the night at the designated hotel in this city.

Eleventh day: Tour to Copacabana and Isla del Sol

Copacabana Bolivia

Breakfast in the hotel, then visit the Cathedral of Copacabana, the Shrine of the Black Virgin and the main square.A midday lunch, then we will make the tour to Isla del Sol, across the lake for about an hour and a half to reach the southern part of the Isla del Sol, where we'll visit the Archaeological remains of "Pillcokaina - Temple of the Inca" a religious center, then a short walk through the steps of Yumani, until you reach the fountain of youth, there you may refrescarsetomando some holy water, it is believed that this source is the source of eternal youth, and also enjoy the beauty of that beautiful garden of the Incas. Noche de hotel en Copacabana.Night hotel in Copacabana.

Twelfth day: trip by bus from Copacacana to Puno

Uros Island Puno

After breakfast at the hotel will have the morning free to rest, walk around Copacabana and Lake Titicaca, enjoying the lifestyle of the locals and their customs. Afternoon 13:00hrs we'll aboard the bus en route to the city of Puno, the road is decorated with a variety of pictures villages and beautiful landscapes of the Peruvian Altiplano Boliviano, upon your arrival to Puno, our staff will be waiting for you to drive to the hotel. (the trip takes 4 hours).

Thirteenth day: Tour to the Titicaca Lake

Tour to the Titicaca lake, Isla de Los Uros y Taquile After taking breakfast in the hotel we'll go to the port of PunoTiticaca Lake (Lake Titicaca) where they embarked on the boat and then visit the Uros Floating Islands by a space of 45 minutes, to appreciate the customs of this island and its crafts.Then we will move also in boat to visit the Island Taquile and breathtaking landscapes, ethnic, cultural and archaeological heritage, then we return also boat to the Port of Puno, then we'll pick you up and drive you to the hotel or if you wish we can leave in the middle.Puno, and finally spend the night in the hotel.

Fourteenth day: Tour from Puno to Cusco

Puno to Cusco, visiting Raqchi Taking a good breakfast, we'll pick you up from your hotel toRaqchi Cusco the bus station of the company that will take a tour that lasts about 8 hours, we will have 4 excursions and guided tours of the sights of the southern corridor of the plateau, reaching the Raya pass at 4.335 m and the Museum of Pucara Incan Aymara, at noon in the city of Sichuan included in the tour we will have a lunch buffet. Then continue with our journey, the visits have a duration of 20 to 40 minutes, visiting the Inca temple of Raqchi, the temple of Andahuaylillas or Sistine Chapel of America, making our trips enjoyable. When you reach the "Cusco" we will be waiting to drive you to the hotel where you will spend the night.

Fifteenth day: City tour in Cusco

Main Square Cusco

City tour in Cusco, music Show and dances of Cusco After breakfast at the hotel, you will have the morning free to wander and shop for handicrafts and souvenirs of Cusco on your own. After lunch at 13:30hrs we will begin the guided tour which includes visiting the center of the ancient city of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Monastery of Santo Domingo, Koricancha Temple and the nearby ruins of Kenko, Pukapukara, Tambomachay and the Sacsayhuaman fortress, built with huge rocks that so far remain an enigma mobilization and use of these, having stone quarries in the area.We can see a show of music and dance in the center of Cusco Qosqo Native Art. (Photo: Plaza de Armas in Cusco at night).

Sixteenth Day: Tour to Machu picchu

Machupicchu Cusco

The lost City of the Inkas, after a good breakfast we'll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the train station in Cusco to start the excursion to Machu Picchu, the Lost City of the Incas. We will have a trip of 4 hours to reach the tourist town of Aguas Calientes, we take the bus there in half an hour and reach the citadel of Machu Picchu. Then our guide will visit the Inca City from 2 to 3 hours. Then we have time to go to Aguas Calientes and lunch, visit and a swim in the medicinal hot springs. Spend the night in hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Seventh day: Sunrise in Machu picchu

Machupicchu Sunrise Cusco

View the sunrise of Machu Picchu and Huaynapicchu. getting up very early and have breakfast, this is already on your own,we will climb to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu and we can appreciate the spectacular sunrise of this marvel. Then you can make the trek to the summit of Huaynapicchu this will take about 2 hours round trip. You will have all morning to take pictures in this mystical place. Then descend by bus to Aguas Calientes in the afternoon and take the train back to Cusco.Our staff will be waiting for you and drive you to the hotel for the night.

Eighteenth day: Tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Pisaq Cusco

Tour to the Sacred Valley of the Inkas This tour starts around 8:30hrs, we pick you up at your Hotel, we have a guided tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, over the Vilcanota river, with a panoramic view of Pisac an old Inca City and a visit to the Inka market in this village, where we will have the chance to know in a closer way its people customs and get good bargains with the handycrafts and souvenirs sellers, afterwards we'll head for Urubamba, traveling on the borders of the river Vilcanota.

We'll have lunch at a restaurant in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. In the afternoon we visit the fortress and citadel of Ollantaytambo, built to watch the entrance to this part of the valley and protect it from the jungle habitants invasions. We'll have the chance to walk by the narrow streets and have a clear knowledge of how this militar, religious and cultural center was during the Inca empire. Finally we went to Chinchero to see its market and the archaeological group overlaps with typical Inca constructions. The tour had just averaging 19:00 hrs in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.Spend the night at selected hotel in Cusco.

Nineteenth Day: City tour in Lima

Lima Main square

City tour on Lima with visits the Huaca Pucllana After breakfast, we'll drive you to the airport in Cusco. We will take the plane to Lima(1 Hour), our staff will be waiting for you and drive you to the hotel. After rest we will make the Tour, visit the most interesting places of the "City of Kings": the Cathedral, Pizarro's Tomb, the Catacombs of San Francisco to Congress, the Palacio de Torre Tagle.Then visit Orrantia residential areas, San Isidro, Miraflores, where we visit the ruins of Huaca Pucllana newly laid in value. Ravine, where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.Then visit the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum, where you will find a lot of pre-Inca pottery including the world's largest collection of figurines eróticos.Noche selected hotel in Lima.

Twentieth day: Farewell


Traslado al Aeropuerto de Lima y DespedidaTransfer to Lima Airport and Farewell, after breakfast and time to tell us,we'll drive you to the airport Jorge Chavez in Callao. We should be two hours before the flight time, we must take into account that we pay an airport tax of USD 36.00, and take your flight to your country.